“Relationships Are More Valuable Than Properties”

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Why Colaborate With Us?


We partner with you and your clients, who we call “Committed Partners”. Our Committed Partners are long term thinkers that seek to learn and want to intentionally expand their portfolio of investments for their clients and themselves with a legacy in mind.


To help manage and maintain a legacy portfolio for your clients. You want the confidence in knowing your property management team leads by example and will guide your clients with their long term goals in mind.


We offer transparent solutions and options to help our Committed Partners reach their long and short term real estate investment goals. 

Game On!

If you resonate with the above, we’d love explore how we might provide you with our talents and our multi-platform technology to ensure your management expectations are exceeded. In our experience your clients investment is only as good as who you partner with for management. 

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We recommend getting your client in touch with us as early on in the process as possible. We can help with rental comps, answer management related questions, and ensure our relationship with your client is in a great place before we take the property on for management.

Rental price is based on a few items, most importantly the current supply and demand in the market. Over the phone we can typically give you or your client a good range for what the price might be, however, in order to really feel confident in our rental price, we need to see the property, verify the condition and repairs that need to be done, and see how it compares to others that have rented in the immediate area.

  • Long term rentals (1 year or more)
  • Unfurnished
  • Residential residences and smaller multiplexes
  • Within the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area

The best way to initiate our services is to use the form below. Be sure to add the name of the referring agent to ensure we associate your client with you. If your client would rather reach out to us directly, please have them reference your name as the referring agent.

Before All Else, We’re A Team

For over 14 years, Capstone has grown by learning and teaching, by actively providing excellent customer service and by being as committed to caring as they are to real estate management.

The Capstone standards, for every team member and every client, put their core beliefs into action.