New Feature On Our Website

Happy Wednesday! We are very excited to announce a new feature on our website that will be rolling out soon! Our new feature will have Off Market Deals and Pocket Listings. You might be asking yourself, what is an off market deal/pocket listing? In our post today we will explain what our new feature will include and how it will help you, the consumer. Also, we will give you a sneak peek of our first pocket listing to be posted on this site.


What Is A Pocket Listing?
A Pocket Listing or an Off Market Deal, are widely used terms in the real estate industry when a REALTOR® has a listing agreement with a seller who does not wish to advertise the listing on the MLS or real estate websites like, Zillow or Trulia.


How Do You Find These Listings?
As stated earlier, these homes will not appear on the MLS. You will need to find a REALTOR® with the knowledge, network and expertise. A high producing REALTOR will have the inside scoop on who is planning a move and when that may be.


How Will This New Feature Help?
As a buyer, there will be less competition for the property. This lowers the possibility of being out bid by another buyer. In todays market, being out bid is one of the most common struggles for a buyer.


Now here is the sneak peek of our newest Off Market Listing:



For more information about this property give us a call at 602-354-5404! Thank you for stopping by our blog this week and be sure to check back every Wednesday!