Why an HOA is beneficial to you, the homeowner!


Happy Wednesday!


As you read that title, you might be sitting here asking yourself…Wait…an HOA can actually be a good thing? Well, the answer is Yes, it can be.


Here are a few reasons Why:
1. They Stabilize Property Values
Communities that are under an HOA have rules in place that keep the property values from declining. Most people may not like the restrictions in place, yet they are generally happy the restrictions apply to their neighbors!
2. The Neighborhood Will Look Its Best
The HOA institutes guidelines for all homeowners to abide by, to ensure homes in the neighborhood from becoming an eyesore. For example, if your neighbor decides to paint their house Bright Red, they would not be allowed to do that.
3. They May Provide Recreational Amenities
Many communities provide amenities that the average homeowner may not have access to or may not be able to afford. These may include swimming pools, parks, tennis courts and exercise facilities.
4. Safety and Security
Numerous associations are inside private, locked gates that limit access to residents and invited guests. There may even be security patrol at certain times. This way you will be able to sleep at night knowing that the HOA is looking out for its homeowners. You will feel safer in your new neighborhood.
5. Sharing Pride For The Community
With all the homeowners paying into the association, that means sharing the communities common areas and amenities. This brings a sense of unity and togetherness, which is never a bad thing. This makes outsiders see the sense of community, which then drives them to want to live in your area.
6. Access To Community Management
Have you ever had a noisy neighbor or a barking dog next door? You may still have those issues in an HOA community, but now you will have the opportunity to get the problem addressed. The HOA will handle the issue for you rather than getting into an altercation with a bothersome neighbor.
7. Community Volunteers
A great asset to the community are its volunteers. These Volunteers are a bigger help then you may think, they attend monthly meetings and offer their time to set up community activities.


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