10 Sign’s that its Time to Sell Your Home

1. All of your children have been in college for years and you have been able to turn those empty rooms into quiet retreats for yourself and your spouse. All of a sudden, the college years are finished and the children are moving back home and you lose your newly found spaces!
2. There are more empty and unused rooms than there are used rooms at your house.
3. If you have to constantly move your cars every day in order for someone to get out, then it might be time for a change, both inside and out.
4. Commuting can be fun, but not when it takes a toll on family time. You might enjoy spending that hour or two with your spouse or your children instead.
5. Everyone has an overabundance of stuff, but it’s not worth it if you are spending a fortune on storage units to hold it all. If you find a larger house, you will be able to bring it all out and display it so you can see it all of the time. Plus, with the money you save on storage fees, you can buy more stuff!
6. When your neighbor has a rooster to keep the chickens happy and it keeps waking you up at sunrise. No amount of free fresh eggs can change this……
7. Sometimes that voice in your head is right, so you might want to listen to it this time.
8. The market is getting hot and your property and house is now worth double or triple what you paid for it.
9. If the only guest room is a camper or a tent in the yard, then you may have a small problem when guests want to stay any length of time.
10. You only have one bathroom…….doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, there’s only one and well, that says it all!