Weekly Market Update 11/13/20

Hey Everyone! We hope you are enjoying the cooler weather here in Greater Phoenix! This week’s market update discusses the different steps we have taken to improve our application process for potential tenants. In this video, Ed brings in Serena, the Capstone Team Application Specialist, to discuss the different measures she and the team have taken to make the process more productive for both tenants and property owners.

It is so important for the team to continue growing and advancing our processes to ensure high-quality service for our customers. We want to make sure that our time and our client’s time is used in the most efficient way which is why we have created a streamlined process that includes specific qualifications for tenant approval, shared Google docs and forms for property owner’s, and more. Having Serena as a dedicated application specialist has helped us expedite the application process which is great as we saw nearly 3 times more applications come through this year than we did last year around this time.

For a full review of our improved application process, make sure to check out the full video below and contact our team specialist, Serena, with any further questions!