Weekly Market Update 10/16/2020

This week’s market update discusses the Phoenix real estate market from both the investing and selling standpoints. As a seller, the market continues to be in your favor, with the cost of homes continuing to rise across the Phoenix valley. As an investor, this is not the time to break into the real estate market.

Ed discusses the different predictions for the Phoenix real estate market for the next year, with no signs of negative numbers expected over the next 12 months. As property managers and realtors, Capstone has the advantage of seeing the market from multiple angles, being able to provide real feedback to clients in hopes to help them make the best financial decisions possible.

For a full look at this week’s market update, check out the video below. The Capstone team is ready to help you buy, sell, or lease your property. Contact us today with any questions you may have about the current real estate market in Phoenix.